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39, b.7, Leningradskoe Shosse, Moscow 125212, Tel: +7 (495) 980 77 00
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Office in Moscow

Azimut Yachts Russia is an exclusive distributor of Azimut Yachts in the Russian Federation and an exclusive official importer of this brand’s yachts in Russia. The office was established in 2001. LLC “Azimut Yachts Russia” is a Russian legal entity for Azimut Yachts Russia.

The most important activity of our company is to promote the Azimut Yachts brand at Russian market and to expand dealers and contact network with regional partners. Azimut Yachts Russia represents in Russia the whole model range of Azimut Yachts: Flybridge, Atlantis, S-collection, Magellano, Grande. As an exclusive representative, our company provides complex solutions in the purchase of products: shipping to the Russian Federation, customs clearance, vessel registration with the relevant authorized departments of the Ministry of Water Transport of the Russian Federation.

Azimut Yachts Russia is also engaged in trade-in and selling second-hand motor yachts. Together with our partner organizations, the company provides after sales and warranty service, installs additional equipment, provides consulting services and assists in personnel screening that are supposed to be professionals in water transport operation.

Exhibitions, events, yacht shows

Azimut Yachts Russia takes part in all major European boat shows. Every year, we invite our friends and potential customers to Dusseldorf International Boat Show, Salone Nautico Genoa, Cannes Yachting Festival, Salon Nautico Barcelona. Our representatives are always present at the super-yacht show in Monaco and are always ready to hold meetings at the London boat shows or exhibition in Malta, in other words, we are always present at any show where Azimut Yachts takes part.

During closings at European shows, we are always ready to invite our customers to our all-season showroom in Savona (Italy). The Azimut Delivery Point is situated 40 km from Genoa and represents the yacht delivery point for Azimut brand customers. 15-20 new hulls of different models are always available for viewing. Under preliminary agreement between the plant and a customer, we organize yachts viewings and perform test sailings.

Boot Düsseldorf 2020 - the main European winter boat show
Boot Düsseldorf 2020 - the main European winter boat show
2020-01-18 00:00:00 -
The largest event in the yacht and water sports industry with a practical character - Düsseldorf Boat Show 2020

Yachts sale

Azimut Yachts Russia offers all models of yachts by Azimut available at the shipyard (in stock) as well as customized yachts (including those in production). All the information in this section is relevant, the company makes every effort to timely update availability list, but reserves the right to update the information after receiving respective request from a client.

Clients have to know that yacht purchase on a same day basis is not possible and, if a client desires to get the boat in the desired configuration by the beginning of a season he or she would better start to reflect upon the issue 4-6 months before the desired date.

Benetti Fast 125
Benetti Fast 125
19 534 352
New yacht On order 2021 38.10
18 243 750
New yacht On order 2023 36.50
Azimut Grande 32 METRI
Azimut Grande 32 METRI
10 710 590
New yacht On order 2021 32.00

Yachts Trade-in

When you purchase our new boat we are ready to consider the possibility to trade-in the current yacht of our new Client. Of course, there is no universal formula for calculating the value of a Vessel, but the assessment will take into account the year of production, condition of yacht, engines operating time, model popularity at the market. A significant advantage for the Client will be quick acquisition of a new model without freezing funds in already not up-to-date asset eliminating risks of financial losses in a long-term sale of a Vessel.

You will find a form of request below and after filling it you will get a preliminary assessment of your trade-in. In the “Comments” field you can also specify a current condition of the vessel that you offer to trade-in, its location, the information about the flag, VAT payments and your new desired model by Azimut Yachts. As soon as possible you will get e-mail with our offer or our manager will contact you for further details.

Trade-in your yacht
Contact details
Your yacht

The information you provide in this request form will be sent directly to the sales department. We do not provide this information to third parties or third parties.

Leasing and yacht financing

Yacht acquisition is sometimes carried out with the involvement of credit resources, or is based on a leasing scheme. We have to note that in view of specificity of the market, special credit facilities for the purchase of water equipment and marine vessels in the Russian Federation are not developed, that is why a potential buyer tackles the issue on an individual basis with the bank or other credit institution.

For business owners in the EU we offer French and Maltese leasing schemes to reduce the total VAT (VAT in the EU). For more information, please, contact our representative using the inquiry form below. We will call you back as soon as possible and advise you.

Transportation and floating of Benetti Classic Supreme 132

Custom Yacht Construction

As an official representative of the Azimut Benetti Group in Russia, our company provides not only distribution of serial yachts services, but also constructs large custom yachts by Benetti. We have accomplished about ten yacht projects from 90 feet, with each of them having a number of customized design solutions, planning decks, interior decoration that eventually becomes a kind of creation embodying the personality of its owner. Besides the design, construction, technical acceptance and delivery to the customer, we also help in vessel registration (granting the right to fly the flag of a state), delivery to any part of the world, insurance, team selection and subsequent management.

We are deservedly proud of already constructed yachts and we offer you the opportunity to use our experience and knowledge, and to entrust us with your individual project. Find out more information by clicking the link below about yacht construction.

Support service in Russia and Europe

A comprehensive maintenance of yachts is a prerequisite of maintaining its performance at the level needed for safe operation of the vessel. To ensure the performance declared by the manufacturer and the desired level of comfort, a professional regular maintenance of components and assemblies of the vessel throughout the whole effective life is required. Taking into account the technical aspect, we have to note, however, that the yacht possession rests mainly on aesthetic emotions. This means that, despite the direct purpose of the yacht as the water transport, the range of tasks assigned to the service center is much broader and more complex than just maintenance of the vessel. It is for this reason that the professionalism of the staff, the experience of the company and its equipment are very important.

Azimut Yachts Russia has a network of authorized service centers and offices in Russia and Europe. All our specialists are trained and completed certification at the Azimut Yachts shipyard.

Bering service | yacht hull coloring

Royal Yacht Club Moscow - parking and storage of yachts in Moscow and Moscow Region

In 2008 Azimut Yachts was directly involved in a complete reconstruction of grandstand “Vodnyi stadion”. The new beautiful modern yacht club with absolutely new standards of water-based recreation emerged on the same site where the Soviet sports fame stadium once existed, while preserving the appearance of this historic architectural monument.

Royal Yacht Club offers the most modern luxury marina within the city. Marina of the Yacht Club is designed for 190 boats from 6 m to 30 m, while the draft of vessel does not matter. You might make a reservation for some separate days (if available) or for the whole season, and this will be certainly much more profitable. Marina is equipped with modern mooring equipment, fresh water, electricity and Wi-Fi. A shipboard crane and a mover for lifting boats onto land and moving them in parking area are also available on the territory.

Winter season makes its own rules. In Russia, boats must be hooked out of water and stored on the shore. Royal Yacht Club is the only club that offers winter storage within the city of Moscow, ensuring quick and easy access to the owner and the captain on board of the yacht at any moment. The secured area of the whole complex is a guarantee of your vessel’s safety until the beginning of the next season.

During winter season, we conduct works on equipment replacement and repair. Our official partner “Bering Service” provides a full service package from winter lay up to complex yacht refit. All specialists from service center have ten years of specialized experience; they have completed dozens of individual projects, served hundreds of boats by the beginning of a season.

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